Gulab Jamun Recipe

What is Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is an acclaimed Indian sweet. There are a couple of versions of making it with khoya, milk powder, bread or sweet potatoes.

Without a doubt it is a most cherished Indian sweet for enormous quantities of us. In social affairs, weddings and even in an Indian dinner feast, gulab jamun ends up being one of the treats served after the suppers.

These sensitive sugar syrup soaked balls are a treat reliably. To a great extent to satisfy our sweet longings, I make gulab jamun.

“Gulab jamun” implies rose berries. In Hindi language, “gulab” means rose and “jamun” is a darkish purple berry (java plum, dull plum) open in India.

The sugar syrup for gulab jamun is improved with rose water and the singed blend balls have a size like jamun berries – in this manner the term Gulab Jamun.

It is made by and large with dried milk solids. These dried milk solids are moreover called as khoya or mawa in Hindi. A basic interpretation is moreover made with milk powder.

In this equation post I am sharing both the variations.

Gulab Jamun made with Khoya – Traditional strategy for the best taste and a sensitive melt in the mouth surface.

Gulab Jamun made with Milk Powder – Easy and advantageous equation if you don’t have khoya.

Both the plans are basic and even learners can make these endeavored and attempted great relax in the mouth gulab jamun. You can pick the system depending upon the trimmings you have.

About this recipe

Truly and for the most part Gulab Jamun equation is continually made with khoya. Khoya or mawa is the Hindi articulation for disappeared milk solids. It is made by constantly stewing the milk on a low warmth until an enormous part of the sogginess evaporates.

There are 3 novel kinds of khoya that you get in the Indian market. To make gulab jamun equation you need to use “chikna khoya” or “dhaap khoya”. The word ‘chikna’ implies smooth. Thusly basically this khoya has a smooth and sensitive surface. It has more clamminess than the other two varieties of khoya viz ‘danedar khoya’ and ‘batti khoya’.

You can without a doubt make chikna khoya at home. You can check the technique for making khoya at this association – > Khoya Recipe. You can moreover buy khoya from an Indian sweet shop.

My gulab jamun recipe is a basic one that yields brilliant, sensitive and tasty jamun. My recipe is changed from my cooking school which I have been making for a serious long time and has never failed.

To be sure I have made this gulab jamun equation different events. Other than khoya you will moreover require paneer to make the jamun. The extension of these two trimmings gives a fragile surface.

Gulab Jamun is one of India’s most notable sweet. These seared dumplings/doughnuts made of dried milk [khoya] are plunged in a rose-cardamom upgraded sugar syrup and make a genuine treat.

In India, you would find gulab jamun at each wedding, get-together, birthday and festivities. In short if you engineer any Indian assembling and plan to keep simply a solitary treat, chances are it will be gulab jamun!

With the bubbly season going to begin, I expected to share my #1 condense in-mouth gulab jamun equation with all of you.

I understand people habitually anticipate that it should be a problematic cake yet trust me, it’s anything but difficult to cause it at home in case you to evade likely danger while making it.

Thusly, we should start with the basic!

How Is Gulab Jamun Made?

By and large, gulab jamun is made using khoya which is just milk solids.

To make khoya, we cook milk until just solids are left. At my home, mother reliably made khoya without any planning yet it’s a dull cycle. It requires hours for the milk to diminish and your hands are done by then with all the rearranging.

To stop the cycle, buy khoya from outside. In India, its expeditiously available at sweet shops, here in the US you can find it at Indian business sectors in the cooler fragment.

Gulab Jamuns can moreover be made using milk powder anyway I favor the jamuns made with khoya, taste just the best.

How to Make The Best Melt-In-Mouth Gulab Jamuns?

Manage these things at every movement of making the gulab jamun!

While making the combination: the player should be smooth and fragile. Hence, add warm milk, slowly until you have a sensitive combination.

But, you also need to recollect that you would incline toward not to over work the player. Join until the player comes and thereafter let it rest for 15-20 minutes.

While making the gulab jamun balls: use fragile hands and don’t make a difference an abundance of weight while rolling the balls. Work with sensitive hands!

The gulab jamun balls should be altogether smooth with no break. If you see breaks on top, utilize again till it’s all smooth.

While singing the gulab jamuns: the primary concern is to sear at medium-low warmth. In case you fry at high warmth, the jamuns won’t be cooked from inside and will moreover turn hard.

It’s ideal to at first warm oil/ghee at medium warmth for 5 minutes, by then low the glow to low and a while later drop the balls in the oil.

Fry on low warmth until they are nice faint splendid gritty hued in concealing. This will require critical venture as you fry on low warmth, show restriction.

Making the sugar syrup: Don’t look for any consistency while making the sugar syrup. Add all components for the syrup in a skillet and once it arrives at limit, let it stew for 5 to 6 minutes specifically. It should simply be insignificant tasteless.

You would lean toward not to get to any string consistency stage. The syrup may look thin to you in the wake of stewing for 5 minutes yet that is abundance.

It thickens up as it cools. You needn’t bother with a thick sugar syrup in any case else the jamuns will never absorb it.

Adding the gulab jamuns to syrup: while adding the jamuns to the syrup, guarantee the syrup is warm anyway not hot.

The gulab jamuns will likely lose their shape if the syrup is unnecessarily hot and they won’t hold the syrup if the syrup is cold. So warm is what you need.

Considering those tips, we should address the most broadly perceived requests/gives that we face while making gulab jamuns at home!

Why are my gulab jamuns hard?

You didn’t use fragile hands to roll the gulab jamuns

You over-controlled the blend. You need to mix until it just structures a smooth combination

You burned the balls on high warmth.

Why are my gulab jamuns unnecessarily fragile?

You added a great deal of warming pop/powder.

Why are my gulab jaumns not cooked from inside?

You scorched them in hot oil, they got cooked from outside anyway from inside. Warmth should be medium-low.

My gulab jamuns didn’t douse the sugar syrup

You syrup is either unreasonably thick or exorbitantly modest. You need to warm it to the point of bubbling and subsequently stew for 5 minutes specifically. It should be negligible cheap, there’s nothing more to it. In case its not tasteless in any way shape or form heat up some more. If it’s unreasonably crude and structures strings, you have gone out and out excessively far. Remember sugar syrup will thicken as it chills off. Do whatever it takes not to look for any string consistency, a light cheap syrup is adequate.

If you recall all of these tips and bamboozles, you will end up with the most brilliant condense in-mouth gulab jamuns!


1-In a tremendous join ground khoya, maida (for the most part helpful flour), cardamom powder and warming powder. Mix until all around merged.

2-Add broke down ghee to the bowl.

3-Use your fingers to mix ghee in with the khoya and maida.

4-Start adding warm milk, bit by bit until everything gets together as a player. Do whatever it takes not to control the hitter unreasonably. Just join it all to a smooth combination. Cover and let it rest for 20 minutes.

5-Meanwhile to wide a skillet add sugar, water, cardamom powder, rose water and kewra substance (if using).

6-Bring it to an air pocket. Add lemon juice. By then cut down the glow and let the syrup stew for 5 to 6 minutes. At the point when it’s a little tasteless after 5 minutes, dispense with skillet from warmth and put in a protected spot. Keep it warm.

7-Now give a quick back rub to the player. Make a little ball out of it. Work with sensitive hands and squash the ball between your palm to shape it.

8-Form a smooth round ball with no breaks.

9-Repeat with the abundance combination. I got 14 packs of 15 grams each.

10-Heat oil in wide kadai/compartment on medium warmth. Warmth oil for 5 minutes on medium warmth and subsequently cut down the glow to low-medium. Add the jamuns to the warm (not hot) oil. Fry until splendid gritty shaded. This will require few seconds, keep turning the jamuns reliably with a spatula so they get cooked consistently.

11-Once they are dull natural hued in concealing, kill them from the oil.

12-Soak the gulab jamuns in warm (not hot and not cold) sugar syrup. Permit it to sprinkle the syrup for 30 minutes.

Finishing off with pistachios and serve gulab jamun warm or cold. You may moreover enhance them with attractive silver leaf (chandi ka vark).


For Sugar Syrup:

1¾ cups sugar

1¼ cups water

8 green cardamoms (stripped and seeds crushed to fine powder)

1 tsp rose water (optional anyway proposed)

A liberal spot of saffron

Various Ingredients:

1 cup milk powder

⅓ cup generally helpful flour

¼ tsp warming pop

A spot of salt (optional)

2 tbsp yogurt or tbsp full fat milk

1 tsp ghee or Noor Oil for fricasseeing

Gulab Jamuns are an easy to design dessert, they are light on the stomach yet so delightf

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